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Efficient Business Networking

Our motto is simple: Tell the person exactly what you do as quickly as you can.

Introducing this new Get Locally event series. Accelerate business networking to a maximum. Regular business networking events result in only a hand-full of new business contacts. When participating at regular business networking events people can make around 3 new contacts: one when they arrive, one when they sit down and one when they leave. Business Speed Dating by Get Locally changes all that to your advantage!



Due to the fact that Get Locally connects an international with a local one we have decided to provider our customers and guests with this new event series – Get Locally’s Business Speed Dating. This once-in-a-month event provides you with the ideal opportunity to meet at least 20 to 50 new business partners in only one evening.

The setting of this event, at prestigious Kruger’s Bar in the center of Vienna, is as thrilling as the event itself. This bar provides the ideal sophisticated atmosphere ideal for tying new business knots. Each participant gets 1 minute to explain his/her business, the reasons they attend the event and what they are looking forward. By the end, every participant will have met every other participant and can then decide whether they would like to pursue further networking during the rest of evening.

Info: Business Speed Dating Vol. 1, 23 March 2015, Start: 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.), Venue: Kruger’s American Bar, Krugerstrasse 5, 1010 Vienna, Prices: Tickets start at 40,- Euros, Language of the event is English. You can register for the event here.