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The Eurovision Songcontest 2015 in Vienna

200 million viewers will watch when the winners of the 60th Eurovision Songcontest will be decided on 23 May 2015 in Vienna. For the first time in history Australia will participate at the Eurovision Songcontest 2015 in Vienna. It will be an event that will top all events that have ever taken place in Vienna. The motto of this year’s Songcontest is “Building Bridges”. So what better way than to discover all treasures that authentic Vienna has to offer during this mega event than on a private tour with Get Locally.

Eurovision Songcontest Vienna Tour Guide

Some of the hotspots during the Songcontest include the Eurovision Village on the Rathausplatz at the city centre. There, visitors can enjoy live music by the Songcontest participants, family programs and much more. Other than that there will be a Euro Fan Café, exhibitions at the Haus der Musik (House of Music) and the Leopold Museum.