Life Ball 2017 – It is Back

Life Ball 2017 – It is Back

It took a one year break. The Life Ball, one of the biggest Anti-Aids event of the world, is back. This year’s motto is “Recognize the Danger” and should encourage the testing of someone’s immune status. It is estimated that 54% of all HIV infected persons do not know about their status. Thus the highest risk is the not knowing.

The campaign for this year’s Life Ball started in January 2017 with a press conference. Like in previous years the Life Ball polarizes and provokes. In this sense the Life Bible serves as creative guidelines for the Life Ball. In the end, participants and guests are called to appear in colorful and creative robes and outfits making the Life Ball the most colorful and creative ball in Vienna that attracts numerous high ranking guests like Bill Clinton, Roberto Cavalli, Katy Perry, Jean Paul Gaultier and Elton John and many more.

The Life Ball is the time of the year when Vienna celebrates Life and the Fight against Aids (© Manfred Werner/Tsui - CC by-sa 3.0)
Template for this year is the zeitgeist of the 1920s and 1930s – the time of important German artists like Otto Dix.

The Life Ball is one of the biggest events in Vienna attracting thousands of visitors. Taking place on 10 June this year it serves also as ideal opportunity to discover the city on a visit – Vienna a city that builds the bridge between past and modernity. Contact us here or send us an email to to complete your visit of the Life Ball with the perfect social program of sightseeing, shopping and culinary delights.

Photo credits header © Life Ball / Harald Klemm