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Sparkling New Year’s Eve

The last day of the year is all about saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. And so, like in many other parts of the world, people in Vienna celebrate this day with a spendid party and delicious treats. One of the beverages that people prefer is sparkling wine. And of that Vienna offers three local providers of excellent sparking wine. The most prominent brands include Schlumberger, Kattus and Hochriegl – all premium sparkling wine brands. With Get Locally our guests are able to receive the pleasure of visiting these sparkling wine cellars and taste this precious beverage. Some of the Viennese sparkling wine producers trace their history back to the mid of the 19th century and they all use the traditional French champagne methods.


In addition to enjoying great Viennese sparkling wine Viennese also enjoy other delicious treats on New Year’s eve. As such eating seafood and smoked salmon are particularly popular but also caviar. After watching the fireworks at midnight people return to partying and might enjoy hot soup to start off the new year.


With Get Locally you are able to relive and taste these special treats during your tour at any time of the year. We are happy to arrange your completely tailor-made tour that may include the tour of one of Vienna’s prestigious sparkling wine producers with a tasting of their products. You may want to round up your private tour with the visit to a high-class restaurant where you can taste the culinary highlights of the Viennese cuisine. To inquire your private tour either send us an email to inquire@getlocally, call us at +43/(0)699/171 50 998 or contact us here.