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The luxury device in your hand

It has long left the functionality of just calling somebody – the cell phone. Today cell phones have not only become smart but an expression of values and lifestyle. The iPhone has certainly revolutionized the way we use cell phones but it also put the focus on design and functionality. But there are other players that have entered the scene. Vertu is probably one of the most prominent that has specialized on cell phones as luxury devices but there are more. You might wanna choose Stuart Hughes’ iPhone where the home button is a single black diamond making it the 15 million dollar cell phones. This phone was produced for a Hong Kong based business man.

But this is not just it. Where the industry is predicting that 2015 will see a boost in display technologies and that cell phone will become HD there are other factors that play an important role. One is charging the cell phone.



And here comes Tag Heuer that with its Merediist infinite phone sets new standards in charging technology as this phone is equipped with automatic solar charging. So the owner does not need to worry about charging his cell phone any longer. So it is not just about the bling bling but also about functionality and convenience.

In the end the consumer has many options to choose from – either get the designer version of a regular cell phone or have devices that make it more appealing (like iPhone cases in different materials) or special editions of a certain phone or buy one from a company specializing on just that – producing luxury cell phones and other gadgets.