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Vienna Design Week 2014

The Vienna Design Week 2014 is taking place in Vienna for the eighth time already and so far it is splendid. It is the chance for Viennese guests to dive in some modern design both from Austria and one European guest country. This year the guest country is Hungary and it proves to be a jewel when it comes to modern design.

This year’s event’s headquarter is at the Palais Schwarzenberg – centrally located but still a hidden treasure in Vienna. This wonderful palais is owned by the foundation of the aristocratic family the Schwarzenbergs. Only for this year’s Design Week have they opened private rooms like the furniture depot, the silvery treasury, the orangerie and the Prince’s apartment. It is the only chance visitors will get to visit these precious rooms as they are before they will be used by the future owners.

Photo by Vienna Design Week © Kollektiv Fischka / Kramar

Photo by Vienna Design Week © Kollektiv Fischka / Kramar


As Vienna has 23 districts this year’s focus district is the 3rd district of Vienna. This district which borders the Belvedere Palace is a district to discover and might not be on every visitors agenda. Still, it is a district to discover a number of interesting locations. It is home to a number of international embassies. Other locations include the Museum of Applied Art, a WAMP pop-up design market and the Technical University of Vienna to name just a few.
The design festival is taking place from 26 September to 5 October and visitors can discover design at various spots in Vienna.