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Get Locally Tour Guide Photo Shoot

The Get Locally family of Tour Guides is growing. Get Locally selects only the best Tour Guides of Vienna to provide its customers the Best Vienna has to offer. So this Thursday, a photo shooting with the first two Guides that have joined Get Locally took place at Süssi – Salon de Thè Français. This place is an exquisite location for tea and French sweets and thus fits perfectly into the brand concept of Get Locally.

Ms. Irene B. Stoeckl together with the Tour Guides Get Locally facilitates.


Currently, Get Locally may provide certified Tour Guides for the languages Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, English and German with numerous years of experience in their field. Ms. Veronika Meszaros and Mr. Javier Pérez de la Maza who also works at the Spanish Embassy in Vienna.

They will help you in turn your stay in Vienna into a memorable experience and show you the best and most exclusive places the city has to offer. If you’d like to book a Tour with them, please state their name in the Tour Booking Form or in case of questions write to Ms. Irene B. Stoeckl, MA; Founder & CEO of Get Locally at