Vienna Ball Season 2017

The Ball Season is the season that follows right after the Christmas Season in Vienna. After having fed oneself during Christmas it is now the time to dance the additional calories away. Every year more than 50 000 visit Vienna’s ball. The Ball Season is celebrating carneval in Vienna and traditionally the guilds celebrate their own balls – is it the lawyers, real estate agents, doctors or coffeehouse owners.


Some of the most famous balls include the Vienna Philharmonic Ball and certainly the Vienna State Opera Ball that attracts national and international celebrities each year. One the other hand probably the sweetest ball is the Bonbon ball that is probably one of the most informal balls.

Still the ball season also means looking your best. Where men are expected to wear tuxedo or tailcoat women are expected to wear their most stunning gowns. Gowns usually need to be full-length. As Get Locally works with the best fashion designers in Vienna the ball season is also a perfect opportunity for guests to discover these unique ball gowns on a private shopping tour.

Make your Vienna Ball Experience perfect

Thus, Get Locally provides its guests the opportunity to turn their visit of a traditional ball into a holistic lifestyle experience. So, they can consider including a visit to a high-end restaurant on a Gourmet Dinner Tour or find the perfect gown on a Private Shopping Tour with their personal shopper or explore the best sights of the city on a Private Sightseeing Tour. We would be honored to help you find your perfect ball experience in Vienna.