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Traveling is Passion! Or?

For us traveling is going on a journey of discovery. Still, for Get Locally the most important opinion is yours. So that is why we thought we want to give our guests and fans a voice. Until 25 November you can submit your slogan of what traveling means to you on the Get Locally Facebook page, via Twitter or Google+. Let your imagination flow, your mind travel and tell us what moves you when you go on a journey. Today’s world lets you discover so many great things. Tell us your slogan what this means to you and get featured with this slogan in the next Get Locally commercial. This commercial then will be released by the beginning of December.


Get Locally will have an independent jury decide on which slogans are the best. Just one tip: the shorter and more precise your slogan is the better the chances are. Still, we do not put any restrictions on language. In the end we want to make this global and any language is as good as the other. Still, we do have people who understand what you submit. In the end, we want to pick the best ones. The best 10 to 15 will be chosen. 10 at a minimum and 15 if there so many that we cannot decide which ones to take. You also have the chance to submit multiple slogans. That works under the Contest Tab on our Facebook page every 24 hours. You can also decide that you would like to have your friends and family also get featured. No problem! Just let them know about the contest.

We looking forward to all your entries and are already excited to read your slogans! In case you have questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us at