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Weather in Vienna

The weather in Vienna is pretty unpredictable. It can snow in summer and people might walk in t-shirt in February. Like many European cities with continental climate Vienna has four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. It can be as cold as -10° degrees celsius (= 14° F) in winter and as hot as 40° degrees Celsius (=104° F) in summer. So planning ahead weather-wise for your trip to Vienna is crucial.

An umbrella is certainly a good accessory for your trip to Vienna.

An umbrella is certainly a good accessory for your trip to Vienna.

Thus most Viennese go by the motto “Dress like an onion.” This way you can always take off one layer after the other if the weather should get too hot – especially in spring and fall when temperature differences might be quiet significant. Of course, should you decide for a private tour in Vienna with Get Locally then the opportunity to have your own limousine accompanying you makes things easier. Should the weather be too cold you might stay inside the car and in summer it can serve as a refuge to cool down when everyone else is feeling the heat outside.

Either way, the weather in Vienna is always full of surprises. So you might want to take your jacket on a summer evening just in case and pack something light in winter and early spring as temperature might be higher than accepted.

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